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Oregon Athletic Medicine



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In keeping with the mission of the University of Oregon Athletics Department the Athletic Medicine program is dedicated to assisting student athletes’ pursuit of their athletic and personal goals. State of the art facilities, personnel and technology are utilized to enhance physical readiness for optimal performance, provide injury prevention strategies, and promote recovery from injury/illness. Support for student athletes is provided by a team of clinicians including physicians, athletic trainers, sports nutritionists, strength and conditioning specialists, mental health specialists, and other allied health providers. Utilizing an evidence-based multi disciplinary approach to promote injury prevention, wellness education and effective management of athletic injuries and illnesses clinicians create an innovative and collaborative culture for optimum care for student athletes.

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Director of Athletic Medicine Greg Skaggs, MD
Team Physician Craig Davidson, MD
Associate Director of Athletic Medicine Kevin Steil, MS, ATC/R Football
Associate Director of Athletic Medicine Kim Terrell, MS, ATC/R Football
Athletic Trainer Stephanie Brooks, MS, ATC/R Football, Cheerleading
Athletic Trainer Tom Embree, MS, ATC/R Baseball
Athletic Trainer Vanessa Gomez, MS, ATC/R Track & Field
Athletic Trainer Heather Halseth, MS, ATC/R Soccer, Lacrosse
Athletic Trainer Travis Halseth, MS, ATC/R Football
Athletic Trainer Clay Jamieson, MS, ATC/R Men's Basketball, Golf
Athletic Trainer Erica Kendrick, M.Ed, ATC Acrobatics & Tumbling, Volleyball
Athletic Trainer Tori Noda, MS, ATC/R, CSCS Women's Basketball
Athletic Trainer Tracy Oshiro, MS, ATC/R Softball, Tennis
Athletic Trainer Grant Wilson III, MS, ATC/R Cross Country, Track & Field


Administrative Assistant/Insurance Coordinator
Kari Ward
Phone: 541-346-2257
Fax: 855-850-1265

Graduate Athletic Training Program     BACK TO TOP

The University of Oregon is a coeducational institution of 20,000+ students, with approximately 500 intercollegiate student-athletes. Oregon is a NCAA Division I BCS University and a member of the . The Athletic Training staff consists of a Physician Medical Director, a Team Physician, 12 full time Athletic Trainers and 5 Graduate Educators (GEs). These GEs are assigned to the intercollegiate athletics setting, while others are assigned to intramural/club sports and teaching, and are completing advanced study in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training within the . There are varied responsibilities which may include: travel, practice and event supervision, evaluation and treatment of athletically related injuries and/or conditions, and experiences in a structured environment at various facilities. Currently, GEs are involved with the following teams: football, track & field, volleyball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse and acrobatics & tumbling.

番茄社区下载For more information regarding admission, curriculum content, and opportunities within the Accredited Graduate Athletic Training program, visit the website.

Graduate Athletic Trainers

Acrobatics & Tumbling
Track & Field, Football

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番茄社区下载The University of Oregon Athletic Department has multiple athletic training facilities with treatment centers at Jane Sanders Stadium, Len Casanova Treatment Center, Matthew Knight Arena, Papé Field, PK Park, and the Bowerman Building.

Casanova Center

Papé Field

PK Park

Matthew Knight Arena

Bowerman Building

McArthur Court

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Dear UO Athlete and Parents,

As a prospective or current student-athlete at the University of Oregon, we certainly hope that medical treatment for a serious injury or illness is not necessary, but in the event that it is, we want to be fully prepared. Before you can begin official team practices we need to have your current insurance information on file. For a complete explanation of each form and our policies and procedures as they relate to medical insurance please refer to the Medical Insurance Information For Student-Athletes Handout.

Education Info

Sickle Cell Testing Information

Injury & Illness

Behavioral Health Resources
Frequently Asked Questions

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Dear Visiting Team Athletic Trainer:

On behalf of the University of Oregon Athletic Medicine staff, we welcome you and your team to Eugene. Our staff and facilities are available to assist you during your visit. There will be a certified Athletic Trainer on site and a team physician on site or on-call for all competitions.

UO Athletics utilizes treatment centers at six game day facilities: Len Casanova Treatment Center, Jane Sanders Stadium, Matthew Knight Arena, Papé Field, PK Park, and the Bowerman Building. Teams traveling with a certified Athletic Trainer are welcome to use our facilities with prior communication with your host Athletic Trainer. Please notify us in advance if your team is traveling without a certified Athletic Trainer by calling the Athletic Trainer assigned to the sport. If treatments are necessary, provide us with a note from your Athletic Trainer regarding your treatment so we are better able to accommodate the needs of your team.

Please refer to the Emergency Action Plans and Off Campus Medical Facilities section of the webpage for useful information while visiting the University of Oregon.

Oregon Athletic Medicine