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Student-Athlete Development


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The mission of Student-Athlete Development is to develop and implement innovative programs and individualized support services that will empower student-athletes to make positive contributions to their communities and have the best opportunity to grow and succeed in college and later in life.

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番茄社区下载Student-Athlete Development strives to provide the optimal experience for student-athletes at the University of Oregon by providing educational programs and support for students that address personal growth, career development, leadership and community service. Our department focuses on the total development of our student-athletes and recognizes their changing needs particularly with regard to transitions to and from college. Programming is designed to promote a respect for diversity and inclusion, to assist student-athletes in identifying and applying transferable skills, to encourage student-athletes to effectively access campus resources and to develop character and integrity.

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Assistant Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Development: Katie Harbert
Director of Student-Athlete Development: Resa Lovelace
Student-Athlete Development Graduate Teaching Fellow: 番茄社区下载 Doug Gomez



番茄社区下载The University of Oregon Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) intends to enhance the student-athlete experience by providing opportunities for leadership, community service, personal development, and fellowship. SAAC also provides student-athletes the opportunity to communicate with Athletic Department Administration on local and national issues, while providing suggestions and feedback on programs that serve student-athlete needs. Each team has at least two SAAC representatives who attend the bimonthly meetings and who participate on one of three SAAC committees (Unification, Marketing, and O Heroes).

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番茄社区下载Leadership development is provided through a variety of group workshops and individualized educational opportunities. Leadership education focuses on the five exemplary practices of leadership: Model the Way, Inspire A Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart.

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Student-Athlete Development provides programs and education that are essential to the life and understanding of culture here at the University of Oregon. Transferrable and life skills education are presented through seminars, workshops, team meetings, classes, and individual advising. Topics covered include student health and wellbeing, alcohol & drug awareness, sexual assault prevention, diversity and inclusion, stress management and mental health.


Career Development     BACK TO TOP

Ducks Go Pro
Ducks Go Pro is an incentive-based program designed to engage student-athletes with each stage of career development (self-exploration, career exploration, and career acquisition). It allows for student-athletes to customize their career development activities based off their personal needs along each stage of career development. Activities include informational interviews, job shadows, internships, and workshops on topics such as the MBTI, resumes, interviewing, dining etiquette, professional attire, networking, and personal finance.

Career Coaching
Student-Athlete Development Staff are available to critique resumes and provide one-on-one professional development assistance. We work closely with the University of Oregon Career Center and other Career Centers on campus to ensure student-athletes make the most of their opportunities for career development.

Mentor Program
番茄社区下载 The mission of the Mentor Program is to create a supportive atmosphere for student-athletes through a dedicated mentor relationship. Mentors provide guidance and support in order that the student-athletes may grow and succeed during their undergraduate and graduate experience as well as later in life.

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O Heroes is the University of Oregon's Student-Athlete volunteer and community outreach non-profit program that focuses on promoting the spirit of service among student-athletes, impacting the community positively and instilling global awareness.

Events     BACK TO TOP

番茄社区下载Student-Athlete Development is responsible for planning the department-wide events for student-athletes including: Opening Ceremonies, the O Show, and the Graduation Reception. Student-Athletes are strongly encouraged to assist in the planning and execution of these events.