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    The University of Oregon Cheerleading Squad entertains fans for all athletic events while also supporting the University in the community ...

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    The Duck Mascot

    Even though the uniforms have changed, no longer bearing his fighting countenance bursting through the block "O" logo, The Duck remains one of the most recognizable and lovable mascots on the collegiate sports landscape....

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    Fight Song - Mighty Oregon

    Oregon, our Alma Mater, we will guard thee on and on.
    Fellows gather ‘round and cheer her; chant her glory, Oregon.
    Roar the praises of her warriors, sing the story, Oregon;
    On to victory urge the heroes of our Mighty Oregon.
    We will march, march, on down the field, fighting for Oregon.
    Plough through the foeman's line their strength we'll defy.
    We'll give a long cheer for our men.  We're out to win again.
    番茄社区下载 OSU may fight to the end but we will win.

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    The Pit Crew

    The Oregon Pit Crew is a student run organization that is the loud part of Oregon basketball . In addition to being hard-working and ambitious students at the University of Oregon we are also die hard basketball fans that take great pride in making our basketball arena one of the most intimidating and feared atmospheres to play at in the nation.

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    Oregon Hall of Fame

    More than a century of athletic heritage is the focal point behind the recognition of some of the University of Oregon’s greatest athletic immortals of all time with the founding of Oregon’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992.

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    National Championships

    番茄社区下载The University of Oregon Athletic Department has been the proud home to 24 national team championships. The 24 championships include:

    • 1939 Men's Basketball
    • 1962 Men's Outdoor Track & Field
    • 1964 Men's Outdoor Track & Field
    • 1965 Men's Outdoor Track & Field
    • 1970 Men's Outdoor Track & Field
    • 1971 Men's Cross Country
    • 1973 Men's Cross Country
    • 1974 Men's Cross Country
    • 1977 Men's Cross Country
    • 1983 Women's Cross Country
    • 1984 Men's Outdoor Track & Field
    • 1985 Women's Outdoor Track & Field
    • 1987 Women's Cross Country
    • 2007 Men's Cross Country
    • 2008 Men's Cross Country
    • 2009 Men's Indoor Track & Field
    • 2010 Women's Indoor Track & Field
    • 2011 Acrobatics and Tumbling
    • 2011 Women's Indoor Track & Field
    • 2012 Acrobatics and Tumbling
    • 2012 Women's Indoor Track & Field
    • 2012 Women's Cross Country
    • 2013 Acrobatics and Tumbling
    • 2013 Women's Indoor Track & Field