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Oregon Strength and Conditioning

Oregon Strength and Conditioning

Jim Radcliffe – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach – Track & Field, XC, Men's & Women's Tennis, Volleyball
Evan VanBecelaere – Men's Basketball
Guysen Terai – Acrobatics & Tumbling, Lacrosse, Men's & Women's Golf
John Krasinski – Soccer, Cheer

Strength training and conditioning are the foundation of an athletic program. In order to perform at an optimal level for sustained periods, it is necessary for the athlete to maintain proper nutritional habits, rest patterns and commit to year-round training routines. The strength and conditioning department places high value on training movement efficiency allowing athletes to perform the skills of their sport most effectively. Oregon athletes have the opportunity to improve their performance with periodized programming. Workouts are tailored to specific phases of the year and target speed, strength, agility and flexibility. 

Desired outcomes of improved strength and speed are attained by working with both dynamic and concentrated styles of resistance training using various modalities of loading consisting of uphill running and plyometrics utilizing training effects of jumping, sprinting, and throwing. Oregon's approach to physical performance and human development has produced outstanding results over the years. 


The Olympic creed "Fortius-Citius-Altius" in Latin is translated "Stronger, Swifter, Higher."  Baron deCoubertin borrowed the maxim from Father Henri Martin Dideon, the headmaster of Arcueil College in Paris who used the saying to recognize great achievements of athletes at his school. Coubertin felt it could be used to describe the goals of great athletes all over the world; as it does for us. At the University of Oregon, Fortius-Citius-Altius is training truism guiding the pursuit of elite athletic performance via improvements in strength, speed, and agility. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I am interested in an internship opportunity with the Oregon Strength and Conditioning program. How do I apply?
A: Please refer to the "Internships" section below.
Q: Can I get a copy of the University of Oregon's strength training and conditioning programs?
A: Due to liability issues and NCAA rules and regulations, we refrain from giving out copies of our training programs. However, we are more than willing to share our thoughts, ideas, information, and training methodologies with anyone who may be interested.
Q: I am a coach/student.  Could I possibly observe/shadow a training session?
A: Our program has an open-door policy. We welcome coaches and students who may be interested in observing training sessions for professional development and/or educational purposes.  Arrangements must be made via phone or email prior to any type of visit or observation. 

The University of Oregon Strength and Conditioning department offers student internship opportunities for those who are needing the experience to fulfill academic requirements and attain class credit. Internship positions are for observational purposes ONLY. Interns are not assigned to coaching responsibilities with any of the Oregon sport programs. All programming, coaching, and instruction may only be performed by the graduate assistants and full-time staff members. Internship positions are unpaid and last for the duration of one 10-week academic term. Only one intern is assigned per quarter. 

Individuals interested in internship opportunities should inquire by contacting Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Radcliffe by email at or by mailing a letter of interest, resume, and 3 professional references to the following address:
University of Oregon
Department of Inter-Collegiate Athletics
Len Casanova Center
ATTN: Jim Radcliffe – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
2727 Leo Harris Parkway
Eugene, OR 97401

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